BDMBet Casino Bonuses 2024

Bonuses play a crucial role in the world of online casinos, and at BDMBet, they are no exception. We offer a variety of bonuses, including welcome bonuses, deposit bonuses, free spins, loyalty programs, and bonus codes. Each type of bonus has its own unique features and advantages, catering to different player preferences. The bonuses described below are current as of July 2024.

BDMBet Sports Welcome Package

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Our Sports Welcome Package is designed to give new players a head start. This bonus is attractive because it spans your first three deposits, providing substantial bonus amounts to enhance your betting experience.

1st Deposit Bonus100% up to €100
2nd Deposit Bonus75% up to €150
3rd Deposit Bonus50% up to €200
Wagering Requirementx5 (Bonus)

To take advantage of this bonus, make your first deposit and receive a 100% match up to €100. Your second deposit will earn you a 75% bonus up to €150, and your third deposit will provide a 50% bonus up to €200. This offer is ideal for new players looking to maximize their initial bankroll.

  • Enhances your initial betting budget significantly.
  • Low wagering requirement of x5.
  • Spreads bonus across three deposits for sustained play.

For example, if you deposit €100 on your first deposit, you will have €200 to play with after receiving the bonus. This can greatly increase your chances of placing successful bets and enjoying the variety of sports events we offer.

The Sports Welcome Package is a strong offer, especially with the low wagering requirement and the sizable bonus amounts across multiple deposits. One potential drawback is the requirement to make multiple deposits to get the full bonus amount, which might not suit all players.

Exclusive NBA Playoff Freebet

BDMBet Casino Bonuses [current_year]

Get ready to enjoy the excitement of the NBA Playoffs with our exclusive €10 freebet. This offer is easy to claim and adds an extra layer of thrill to your sports betting experience.

Freebet Amount€10
Eligibility PeriodUntil 31.05
Minimum Bet€20
Freebet Period5 days

To qualify, place a losing bet of €20 or more on the NBA Playoffs, and you will receive a €10 freebet. This freebet can be used on any sport, giving you the flexibility to explore different betting opportunities.

  • Provides a second chance after a losing bet.
  • Encourages engagement with the NBA Playoffs.
  • Flexibility to use freebet on any sport.

For instance, if you place a €20 bet on an NBA Playoff game and it loses, you will receive a €10 freebet, which can be used within 5 days on any other sporting event.

The NBA Playoff Freebet is a fantastic way to keep players engaged, especially with the chance to recover some losses. The main limitation is the short 5-day period to use the freebet, which might be restrictive for some players.

Weekly Freebet Offer

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Our Weekly Freebet offer is designed to keep the excitement going all week long. This bonus is perfect for players looking to make the most out of their betting activities during the week.

Freebet AmountUp to €100
EligibilityLosing bets of €10 or more
Freebet Period3 days
Applicable DaysTues, Weds, Thurs

To claim this bonus, place losing bets of €10 or more on Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday, and receive up to €100 in freebets. These freebets can be used on any sport, giving you a chance to try again.

  • Offers a weekly chance to earn freebets.
  • Encourages regular engagement throughout the week.
  • Allows flexibility in using freebets on any sport.

For example, if you place losing bets totaling €50 on a Tuesday, you could receive a freebet of up to €50, which you can use on any sport within the next 3 days.

The Weekly Freebet offer is great for consistent players who bet regularly. It provides an excellent opportunity to recover from losses. However, the requirement to place losing bets might not appeal to all players.

Enjoy Big Wins with the Big Sports Freebet

BDMBet Casino Bonuses [current_year]

The Big Sports Freebet bonus is perfect for sports enthusiasts looking to boost their betting experience during the weekends. Available from Friday to Sunday, this bonus offers a 35% freebet when you deposit €30 or more. Simply enter the offer activation code W35FB in the cashier to claim your freebet and start placing your bets on all available sports events.

Bonus Percentage35%
Minimum Deposit€30
Freebet Period3 days
Active DaysFriday to Sunday
Activation CodeW35FB

The Big Sports Freebet bonus allows players to enjoy more betting opportunities with additional funds. The key benefits of this bonus include:

  • Boosts your betting bankroll with a 35% freebet.
  • Available on all sports events.
  • Simple to activate with the code W35FB.

For example, if you deposit €100 on a Friday, you will receive a €35 freebet, giving you a total of €135 to bet with over the weekend. This can enhance your betting strategy and increase your chances of winning.

The Big Sports Freebet is an excellent weekend bonus, offering a substantial boost with a simple activation process. However, the three-day freebet period might be a bit short for some players, requiring timely use of the bonus.

Boost Your Bets with the Bet & Get Freebet

BDMBet Casino Bonuses [current_year]

Our Bet & Get Freebet is designed to reward regular players every Monday. By participating in this bonus, you can receive up to €20 in freebets. To qualify, you need to wager at least €50 with minimum odds of 1.40 and agree to participate in the offer.

Maximum Freebet Award€20
Minimum Odds1.40
Wager Requirement≥ €50
Award FrequencyEvery Monday

The Bet & Get Freebet offers the following advantages:

  • Encourages regular betting activity.
  • Easy qualification criteria.
  • Weekly opportunity to earn freebets.

For instance, if you place bets totaling €50 with minimum odds of 1.40 during the week, you will receive a €20 freebet on Monday, which you can use to further enhance your betting experience.

The Bet & Get Freebet is a great way to incentivize regular betting. Its main strength is the weekly reward cycle, though the requirement to opt-in might be a small inconvenience for some players.

Protect Your Bets with the IIHF No Risk Bet

BDMBet Casino Bonuses [current_year]

The IIHF No Risk Bet is an ideal bonus for those looking to bet on the IIHF 2024 games with added security. This offer provides bet insurance of up to €30 when you deposit a minimum of €20 and use the activation code IIHF24 or IIHF30.

Insurance AmountUp to €30
Minimum Deposit€20
Bet InsuranceIIHF 2024
Activation CodeIIHF24 / IIHF30

This bonus offers several benefits, including:

  • Reduces risk on bets up to €30.
  • Encourages participation in IIHF 2024 games.
  • Simple activation with provided codes.

For example, if you place a €30 bet on an IIHF 2024 game and it loses, you will be insured for the full amount, allowing you to place another bet without any loss.

The IIHF No Risk Bet is a fantastic way to bet on high-stakes games with reduced risk. The insurance feature is particularly appealing, though it is limited to specific events, which might not suit all players.

Multiply Your Winnings with ComboBoost

BDMBet Casino Bonuses [current_year]

The ComboBoost bonus is perfect for those who enjoy placing multiple bets. With this offer, you can get up to a 1.5x multiplier on your winnings when you make a multiple bet across at least 4 events with odds of 1.30 or higher.

Minimum Events4
Minimum Odds1.30
Maximum Multiplier1.5x

The ComboBoost offers the following advantages:

  • Increases potential winnings significantly.
  • Encourages strategic multiple bets.
  • Flexible betting across various sports.

For instance, if you place a multiple bet across 16 events with minimum odds of 1.30, your winnings will be boosted by a 1.5x multiplier, maximizing your potential payout.

The ComboBoost is a powerful bonus for those who enjoy high-stakes, multiple event betting. While the potential for increased winnings is substantial, the requirement for multiple bets might be challenging for some players.

Secure Your Bets with Cash Out

BDMBet Casino Bonuses [current_year]

The Cash Out feature at BDMBet Casino is a valuable tool for players looking to manage their bets more effectively. This feature allows you to settle your bet before the event concludes, giving you the opportunity to lock in a profit or minimize potential losses. The Cash Out option is available on selected bets and provides a dynamic betting experience.

AvailabilitySelected bets
OfferVariable amount offered by BDMBet

The advantages of the Cash Out feature include:

  • Control over your bets.
  • Opportunity to secure a profit before the event ends.
  • Reduce potential losses on unfavorable bets.

For example, if you place a bet on a football match and your team is leading but you feel unsure about the final outcome, you can use the Cash Out option to secure your winnings before the match ends.

The Cash Out feature is a strategic tool for players who want more control over their bets. It’s particularly useful for managing risk, though it’s not available for all bets, which can be a limitation for some players.

Garros Grand Slam Showdown: Win Big!

BDMBet Casino Bonuses [current_year]

Participate in the Garros Grand Slam Showdown at BDMBet Casino and compete for a share of €5,000 in total prizes. This exciting tournament is open to all players who place bets on the Roland Garros 2024 matches. Earn points for winning bets and climb the leaderboard to secure your prize.

Total Prizes€5,000
Eligible BetsRoland Garros 2024
Minimum Bet Odds1.30
Top PlayersTop 30 players win prizes

The benefits of participating in this tournament include:

  • Chance to win a share of €5,000.
  • Compete in a dynamic betting environment.
  • Simple and clear rules.

For instance, placing a bet with odds of 1.30 or higher on Roland Garros matches can earn you points. Accumulate enough points to be among the top 30 players and win your share of the prize pool.

The Garros Grand Slam Showdown offers a thrilling way to engage with the Roland Garros tournament. The significant prize pool and competitive structure are appealing, although the minimum odds requirement might be challenging for some.

Become the Champion of the Week

BDMBet Casino Bonuses [current_year]

Join BDMBet’s Champion of the Week tournament and compete for a share of the €3,000 prize pool. This weekly event rewards the top 25 players who accumulate the most wins during the tournament period. To participate, simply place bets with a minimum stake of €5 and ensure they have WON status.

Total Prizes€3,000
Minimum Bet€5
Winning BetsOnly bets with WON status
Top PlayersTop 25 players win prizes

The advantages of this tournament are:

  • Significant prize pool of €3,000.
  • Encourages regular betting and competition.
  • Clear and straightforward rules.

For example, if you place several bets of €5 or more throughout the week and they all win, you accumulate points. The top 25 players with the most points at the end of the week will share the prize pool.

The Champion of the Week tournament is a fantastic way to keep players engaged and rewarded. The substantial prize pool and competitive aspect are its main strengths, though the requirement for all bets to have WON status may be challenging for some players.

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